You may not achieve any of the benefits of treatment if you do not make active use of counseling sessions. Most likely, you came to treatment when you ran out of ideas on any other way to handle the problems addiction causes for you. You will be provided a primary counselor whose job it is help you find answers for your questions, and who will assist you in assessing your individual problems, needs, and wants by helping you to decide on a treatment plan with the best hope of success.

Your counselor will determine the length and frequency of your counseling sessions. These decisions are based on your needs, preferences, strengths, abilities, progress, and behavior in the program: it does not matter what phase of the program you are in. Illness or inability to attend a scheduled session may be excused if you communicate with your counselor in a timely way. Counseling sessions will generally cover the following material:

  • Orientation to the program, including the topics covered in this handbook, grievances, appeals
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Treatment Planning
  • Education about recovery and the process of making changes in your life
  • Education and counseling on a variety of issues pertaining to your needs, including such things as parenting skills, vocational preferences and opportunity, communicable diseases
  • Counseling sessions to develop or review treatment goals and objectives
  • Sessions where family members come with you (with appropriate authorizations in place)
  • Discussion of the use of illicit or licit drugs other than methadone
  • Homework assignments to help you develop new or unfamiliar behaviors to assist you in learning to stay drug free.


Sometimes during your treatment with us, issues such as domestic violence, past sexual trauma, medical problems, or other issues will arise which may need to be referred to an outside agency. Specialists in those areas can sometimes provide services in addition to the counseling services that we provide, which speed the healing process. You and your counselor may want to discuss whether an outside agency can provide the level of service best suited to your needs. When you decide, your counselor will make all of the necessary arrangements and follow-ups to assist you with the referral(s).

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